Please meet, the Crowler

Take away beers made easy
In this interesting article about trends in Craft Beers, they mentions the Crowlers – or can meets growler – canned beer made by order at the bar.

They say:” Yes, crowlers have been around for some time, but they haven’t become quite “mainstream” yet. Look for that to change in 2017 as more and more small breweries catch on to the good things that come when you combine cans and traditional growlers. If you’re not familiar with the term, a crowler is nothing more than a large can of beer. Using a crowler machine, a brewery will custom-fill those cans for drinkers right at the brewery.

The benefits here are considerable. Cans let in no light, are completely airtight, and there’s no worry about them shattering if dropped. Plus, buying a crowler means that you can sample new beers without having to pony up for a full six-pack. Breweries also benefit because there’s no need to wash out glass growlers, and virtually no chance that the beer purchased will go flat before the buyer can drink it.”

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