Craft Lager?

A popular beer style
A lot of our guests ask for a lager or pilsner, and I tell them we make ales, as they taste better. At least that is what I think.

Here is an article that digs a bit deeper into the reasons that modern craft brewing is focused on ales, both historically and pragmatically.

“For historical reasons I won’t get into, the Germans and Czechs have developed their modern brewing culture around lager (and have been copied by most of the mega-brewing factories of Planet Earth) while their northern neighbors in Britain and Belgium have traditionally brewed ales. When the first craft brewers started making beer in the late 1970s, they chose ale. Call it a backlash against the wimpy pale lagers prevalent in America at the time; a desire to experiment with new varieties of west coast hops more conducive to making English ales; and an economic decision based on ales’ shorter fermentation cycle. Plus, with ales’ fuller flavors, inexperienced brewers could hide flaws that would become immediately apparent in a lager.”

I will give him that the craft lagers I have had over the years, have been good. One can make a good craft lagers, and we at FURBREW might take the challenge up and do a lager at some point.

Ohh yes. We do have an ale that is lager like, it is our Cream Ale, The Beach Beer. It is always on tap, and a good beer to cleanse your palate when the spices, the yeast and the hops are filling up your palate.

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