Largest taproom in Hanoi!

FURBREW Beer Bar is the tasting room for FURBREW. We are located in the middle of the Tây Ho area. The part  of Hanoi where extpats and locals find some of the best western inspired food and drinks.

At FURBREW we have 20 of our own beers on tap, this makes us the largest tap room in Hanoi.

FURBREW is craft beer – but we do have a few other things in the bar.

Hanoi Cider, and a selection of craft alcohols, as well as a few standard drinks and soft drinks.

We don’t have our own kitchen, but you can order food from a couple of nearby restaurants and have it served nicely at your table.

Choose between anything from a light snack, to a good steak. Or why not a 1 meter hand-chopped sausage.

Currently, we have menus from Cousins and from Daluva – ask the staff.

Find us here!